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UTC Kickoff

Session Wrap-up 2014


The 2014 edition is user friendly, insightful and in-depth (or so we hope).  ULCT did NOT print this year’s edition; instead, you can download the book, read about each bill that impacted local government, and review an index of ULCT daily emails from the 2014 session.  Each page explains what the bill did, how Team ULCT responded, what the future trends are on the issue, and links to when we referenced that bill in a daily email.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we hope that this review will be useful.

Click here for the LPC agenda 

Below is the link to the June interim agenda.

June Interim Agenda New

During the May interim a variety of topics were discussed.  We have attached a link below to a summary of the issues that were discussed.

Interim Update

Below is an attachment for the Legislative meetings that will be held during the Interim.  Now that the Interim schedule has been made public we will finalize our LPC schedule shortly.

Interim Schedule


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