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What should be the role of the Federal Reserve? Should the Reserve be more transparent to the general public? Will there be a policy shift from Alan Greenspan to Benjamin Bernanke? And is Greenspan to blame for the latest housing bubbles that seem to be emerging nationwide?

I found this recent article in Reason extremely interesting, exploring these questions and more. Reason asked five key Fed watchers to assess these Federal Reserve issues.

  • Milton Friedman is a Nobel Prize–winning economist.
  • Rep. Ron Paul is a libertarian Republican representing the 14th District of Texas.
  • James Grant is a columnist for Forbes.
  • Bryan Caplan, an associate professor of economics at George Mason University, was a student of Bernanke’s at Princeton.
  • Jeff Saut is chief investment strategist for the investment firm Raymond James Financial. He fears that Greenspan’s seemingly excellent record built hazards into the economy of which investors need to be wary.

Check here for the full article: Can We Bank on the Federal Reserve?

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