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After a few month hiatus from blogging I’m back and recommitted. I figured today is a good day to relaunch the blog since today is also the first day of our new website: ULCT website (thanks to the great work of our new friends at Utah Interactive). So what is the topic of the first blog post of 2008? Budgets and taxes, of course…

The ULCT staff has continued with tradition and have spent our winter (post municipal election years) touring the state offering training to newly elected municipal officials. One piece of the half day training seminar is a presentation offered by Roger Tew and myself. Cities still left on the training tour are:

  • Price (January 19th)
  • Cedar City (February 2nd)
  • Salt Lake City (February 9th)

Our presentation of budgets and taxes is focused more of the overall fiscal policies of municipal government and less on the exact nuances of managing a budget. For example, we spend a large portion of the presentation addressing the policy questions related to each revenue stream utilized by local government (property tax, sales tax, and fees). If you are interested in the presentation you can access it here: Taxes presentation to Newly Elected Officials 2008

Or if you have questions please contact me at


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