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Nearly a year ago we started our Making Life Better Campaign, which provides resources to help Utah’s local officals tell their story about the services provided in their respective municipalities. Our theory is that many a’ property-tax-paying Utahn has little idea what they’re getting for their annual “contributions.” You know, pretty important stuff like parks, roads, water, storm water, snow removal, streets lights, and the list goes on, or not, depending on the community. The graphic below is one to communicate this message.

Well, it seems the Local Government Association in Great Britain at taking our lead and have decided to remind their constituents of the critical services they provide in the mother country. Seems they too don’t think folks fully understand the bang they get for their buck…er, i mean pound. Anyway, based on one of the photos they are using in the campaign, there appear to be some, well, shall we say, “cultural differences” between municipalities in Utah and GB. You can read the full article here.

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