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The rather unofficial map (route reflected not necessarily accurate)

The rather unofficial map (route reflected not necessarily accurate)

While some may think that all the screaming they hear these days is in direct relation to folks opening their September mutual fund statements, I disagree. Rather, I think those screams are from local officials (mostly clerks and recorders) who are getting word (even if this is the first time it’s been mentioned) that the ULCT’s first annual Tour de Utah is set to start next week, and it’s possible the tour may stop (for but a brief minute) at their city or town hall!  (In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that a tour practice run occurred last week in Kamas, Francis and the Uintah Basin, where our envelope of love and joy was left at city/town halls, sometimes after they were closed.) 

Indeed folks, I (Brian) am taking to the road for three days next week, driving the highways and byways (whatever those are) of Utah to spread some League love and joy, not necessarily in that order. See the above map for a rather imprecise route.  Frankly, I have no idea where I’ll end up, and the only thing I know is I’ll head north, and then south.  (Emery and Carbon communities will be part of our mini tour associated with our training in Castle Dale on Oct 22.)

I’ve got some great resources to share and a song in my heart (figuratively), so please don’t lock the door or run to the loo when you see me pull up. I mean no harm and will come in peace and promise to not stay very long. My goal is to stop into 50-60 cities and towns.  A heady goal I realize and maybe I’ll have to resort to merely slowing down as I pass your city hall and tossing my envelope of goodies onto lawn, sorta like the paperboy.  Let’s hope it does not come to that.  

Tune in the week of the 20th and I’ll let you know it went.

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