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So I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from blogging…but I’m back at. Hopefully, this spring we’ll spice this up with some more podcasts and possibly video-casts. 

So no one is quite sure where the economy is heading right now. It seems that more and more people are moving to a position of cautious optimism. However, I just read this article tonight: “Leading economic indicators dip more than expected” 

According to this private sector index economic activity fell 0.3 percent in March, while many economists were expecting the decline to be closer to 0.2 percent.  This analysis includes a number of factors including: stock prices, the money supply, jobless claims, new orders by manufacturers and building permits.

Ken Goldstein, economist with Conference Board (conducting this analysis) says…

There have been some intermittent signs of improvement in the economy in April, but the leading economic index and most of its components are still pointing down.

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