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Distributions for the 1% local sales tax for November (September sales) were up 4.6% at $42.4 million over last year’s $40.5 million.  This followed a nearly 13% increase in last month’s distribution, so hang on to your hat.  For the first three months of FY2013 distributions were up a healthy 7.2%.  This is a bit shy of our FY2013 forecast of 7.8% made last December.

Several large cities fared pretty well in the November distribution.  Salt Lake City saw its distribution rise 6.4% to $4.25 million.  Sandy’s sales in September rose 14%, possibly due to a new, large retailer.  Draper’s sales rose 10.2%.  South Jordan’s -7% distribution suggests some technical problems with a few accounts (Draper’s October distribution was up 27%).

Sales in Park City and St. George ebbed a bit in September, both at about 7%, but still stronger than the state average.

Sales in Utah and Davis counties were mixed.  Farmington’s sales appear to have peaked as Station Park expansion slowed down temporarily.  Lehi sales rose almost 13% due to lots of construction activity in northern Utah county.


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