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The City Café

Stay up to date on important information for local government leaders.


1- If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting (or even if you have), Test your connection at

2- Once you have tested your connection Join the meeting at

  • Mobile Devices:
    • Following the this link:, it will open a prompt to Install the Adobe Connect Mobile app. (if you don’t already have it).
    • Once you have downloaded it, open the app and Enter in this URL, then Click “Next”
    • Select “Guest,” (unless you are already a member) then Type your Name and Organization, then Click “Enter”
  • Computers:
    • First, Follow the link to 
    • Select “Enter as Guest,” (unless you are a registered user) then Type your name and Organization, then Click “Enter Room”

3- Once in the room you will be able to:

  • Watch the presenter
  • See what is being shown on the projector
  • Hear comments and questions from those in attendance
  • Ask questions to the presenter who will share them with those in attendance

We are excited about this new opportunity for you to participate in LPC.  If you have difficulties, you can contact ULCT’s Brandon Smith on his cell phone at 702-524-5236. Please note that once the meeting has begun at 12 p.m., he will be busy with other meeting responsibilities and may not be able to answer.  Below are some tips that will help avoid or identify any questions or issues you may have so they can be addressed prior to the start of the meeting.

Tip 1- Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are better suited than Mozilla Firefox for this webcast event.

Tip 2- Please TEST your computer using the test link above in advance

Tip 3- Please try logging in advance

Please log in by 11:45!

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