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We were unaware that July’s distribution included new population numbers from the Bureau of the Census to the Tax Commission.

Because these new numbers impact the “computed direct sales”, I revised July’s distribution report.
Revised July 15
In most cases, this doesn’t affect computed direct sales much, except for Holladay, South Jordan and Lehi, whose population changes were pretty big in 2015.  Holladay’s population increased 13.4% in 2015.  Subtracting the state’s population increase of 1.45% and then multiplying by 50% (due to the formula), its population impact will be an additional 6% each month in FY2016.

I am also including a spreadsheet with the new population numbers for July 2015 and the monthly impact on your distributions.

There probably should be another calculation backing out the hold-harmless cities, so these are approximate.

Nevertheless, I hope that this will be useful to you as you watch FY2016 distributions unfold.

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